About Us

About Go Greek Yogurt

Go Greek Yogurt is an authentic yogurt bar and cafe where passion for quality meets the inspiration of Greek culture and cuisine.

Our mission is rooted in providing a nutritious and delicious alternative to regular meals. We believe in nourishing both the body and soul through probiotic-packed options that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Our dedication goes beyond the cup; we're here to create a lasting change that educates and sustains healthy eating habits. With every serving, we strive to evoke awareness that ripples through society, inspiring good nutrition and healthy living.

Our Story

Go Greek Yogurt was established in 2012 by David, Tanja and Jonathan, all united by their European heritage. With a dream in their hearts and a commitment to quality, they embarked on a journey to bring the authentic flavors of Europe to California.

Their mission was to create a brand that not only celebrated the deliciousness of Greek yogurt, but also honored the traditions and values that made it so exceptional. Their collective drive, wide-range of expertise, and shared vision gave rise to an innovative food concept.

Go Greek Yogurt's ingredients are sourced and imported directly from Europe, providing customers with the most authentic experience.

Their goal is to bring a little taste of the Mediterranean to the rest of the world.

Our Yogurt Shop

At Go Greek Yogurt, we're more than a made-to-order and on-the-go restaurant; we're sparking a healthy living revolution. Our Master Yogurtiers craft authentic Greek yogurt at our fresh yogurt bar, offering a variety of nutritious toppings like fresh fruits and gourmet Greek options.

Indulge guilt-free with our self-serve Greek frozen yogurt bar, featuring benefits beyond traditional options and mainly sugar-free toppings.

Join us today and experience our commitment to quality, health, and the joy of living well. We believe in the philosophy that "less is more," emphasizing nutritional value and quality in every bite. Our grab-and-go options use clean, fresh, and wholesome ingredients, reflecting our passion for making nutrition convenient for everyone.

The Go Greek mindset centers on the idea that proper nourishment enhances all of life's pleasures.