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About Go Greek Yogurt

Go Greek Yogurt is an authentic Classic and Frozen Greek yogurt bar inspired by Greek culture and cuisine. We are dedicated to providing an alternative solution to regular meals, focusing on healthy lifestyles through our nutritionally dense and delicious food options. Our recipes are infused with modern flavors and handcrafted with a Greek Yogurt base.

Our Mission:

Our mission is Quality Premium Products with World Class Customer Service. We are dedicated to providing an alternative solution to regular meals, focusing on healthy lifestyles through our nutritionally dense and delicious Classic and Frozen Greek yogurt options.

Celebrity Destination

At Go Greek Yogurt, our reputation for excellence extends far beyond the confines of our delectable offerings. Renowned for its divine taste and superior quality, our delicious fresh yogurt has become a preferred choice even among celebrities.

Barrier to Entry

Go Greek Yogurt is a great franchising opportunity because it’s more than a made-to-order and on-the-go restaurant - it's a healthy living revolution.

In many regions, you won’t find a concept that serves both Classic and Frozen Handcrafted Greek yogurt.   

Franchising Territories


Born and raised in Beverly Hills, CA, our Greek yogurt concept has flourished in Los Angeles. Initial franchise territories include Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Texas, California and New York, plus all 33 non-registration states.


We're looking for qualified franchise candidates who are committed to creating premium guest experiences as we embark on global expansion.

New Partnerships!

We're thrilled to announce Go Greek Yogurt's exciting new partnership in Saudi Arabia! This collaboration marks a significant expansion of our premium Greek yogurt offerings in the region. Committed to maintaining the high standards that define our brand, we're excited to bring the authentic taste of Go Greek Yogurt to a broader audience in Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to spread the joy of our delicious creations in this exciting new chapter.

Portable Carts

Go Greek Yogurt’s NEW portable cart design is perfect for any location!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently seeking qualified franchisees to develop, own and
operate Go Greek Yogurt locations throughout the nation and across the
world. We are currently registered in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Texas,
California (in process) and New York (in process), plus all 33
non-registration states. 

Each location is designed with traditional Greek tiles, textures and
colors with a modern twist. Our concept can succeed in a 250 square foot kiosk, or a 1,000 square foot space. Serves 2 Flavors

A single machine can be placed in existing businesses including: stadiums, airports, movie theatres, quick service restaurants, etc.

Total Net Worth $500,000 USD

Liquid Assets $200,000 USD


Franchise Fee $40,000 USD for the first location, $30,000 USD for additional locations

Each Development Estimated Cost* $287,900 – $669,000 USD

Royalty Fee 6% Gross Sales

Marketing Fee 2% Gross Sales


* Development fee is estimated; dependent on site size, location, and condition. See our Development Options for size reference.

Fill out the form to receive our Franchising Information Booklet.

We will contact you!

Our team will also reach out to you to ask some initial questions. FDD is available by request.

For further questions:

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Customer Testimonials

Renne G.Los Angeles, CA

“This.Place.Is.Amazing!!!! It is comfort food to the extreme! The texture of this yogurt is thick and creamy and I always buy an obnoxious amount! Beware - once you have it you will totally be craving it!”

Anaivette M.S. Petersburg, FL

“I found this delicious Greek yogurt stand at the Palazzo in Vegas. After having a few disappointing breakfast at numerous restaurants on my way back to my room I ran into it and it was my daily heaven on earth experience! I have just traveled to Greece a week prior so it was just like tasting the most delicious yogurt I've ever had all over again. My favorite flavors were the carrot and the rose. Totally worth it!”

Andrea F.San Jose, CA

“First time tried Go Greek Yogurt. I don't think I can go back to
Pinkberry or Yogurtland or any of those chain stores. The frozen yogurt wasn't so sweet which I like a lot and I can actually taste the greek yogurt inside. My bf was saying that he can even smell the difference just by the aroma when I opened the lid in the room. It's a bit pricier than the ones I used to have but it's well worth the money.”